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Are you a “Victim” of Predatory Mortgage Lending / Unfair or Deceptive Lending and/or Discriminatory Practices?

Do you have a Non-Affordable mortgage payment?

Loan Compliance Advisory GroupCLICK HERE to find out if you may be a Victim of Mortgage Compliance Violations involving Predatory, Deceptive, Discriminatory and Unfair Lending and Servicing Practices. These Unfair or Deceptive Lending Practices have placed millions of homeowners nationwide into Non-Affordable Mortgage Programs”.

Welcome to our Advisory Group Web-Site. Our Group provides specialized Due Diligence Compliance/ Forensic Loan Audit Leverage Reports that identify multiple State and Federal Loan Transaction violations including, but not limited to (“UDAP”) Unfair Deceptive Acts or Practices, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (“RESPA”), the Truth in Lending Act (“TILA”), the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (“ECOA”) including significant mortgage compliance violations involving predatory, deceptive, discriminatory and unfair lending and servicing practices.

Our Forensic Loan Audit and Due Diligence Compliance reports gives leverage directly to Homeowners, Investors and also to Federal Law and State Licensed Law Firms Nationwide representing Borrowers that may have been cheated or taken advantage of by mortgage brokers, bankers and lenders, placed into non-affordable mortgage programs and  facing foreclosure.

Our process has helped homeowners nationwide that are presently current and up to date and have decided to go on the offensive because their properties are now under water (meaning the current mortgage balance is higher than the current fair market value of their property). Our process has also helped homeowners that are delinquent and could potentially lose their homes to foreclosure because of the Non-Affordable Predatory Loan programs they were placed in. Our group works with several Federal Law and State Licensed Attorneys Nationwide, if you are in Foreclosure we recommend that you immediately retain a state licensed attorney within the state your property is located. Our reports are used as leverage by attorneys negotiating settlement, mediation and or conciliation with lenders on behalf of homeowners.

Our detailed audit process will also determine if Borrowers were placed into a Predatory Non-Affordable Loan Program based on the fact that the Lender denied placing the Borrower into a Loan Program that the Borrower had the ability to repay.

In many cases we audit, we find that the Debt to Income (DTI) ratio on a loan transaction at time of settlement exceeds 50%, making the loan predatory. In most cases we find that the loan originator inflated your income on the Uniform Residential Loan Application (form 1003).

If you suspect that you may be a victim, and were placed into a Non-Affordable Mortgage, paid excessive fees or were taken advantage of by your lender, our compliance experts will help give you the leverage needed to fight back against the lenders, this leverage may help get you an acceptable affordable resolution offer from the lender based on our documented findings.

We will review your closed residential mortgage documentation (Go to “Forms Page” to find a “Checklist of Documents” Needed To Complete an Audit) and if you engage us to proceed we will provide a copy of our detailed report with documented exhibits to your nominated attorney if you are represented by legal counsel and/or at your request submit on your behalf a Qualified Written Request (QWR) of our documented findings within the Forensic Loan Audit Report to your current Loan Servicer via U.S. Postal Services/ Certified Mai/ Return Receipt including a QWR Addendum relating to servicing related criteria. The Lender will have 20 business days per RESPA to respond to the written request and 60 business days to resolve/settle this matter from the date they are in receipt of the QWR. In the event the Lender does not act within the time frame’s listed above, we will file on your behalf “Documented Mortgage Complaints” to all appropriate local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Our mission is to help protect the “American Dream of Home Ownership”; we offer a no obligation, free initial consultation to homeowners. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and to discuss how we may assist in getting you a potential resolution. Please take a minute to click on our links, detailing our professional services.

Call Today! 888-883-5224.

Services What is Predatory Lending? Actions & Settlements Getting Started Forms Links About Us Contact Us Home
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